Are supplements necessary on an animal-based diet?

nutrition Jul 08, 2021

The Science is Mixed

Whether it’s mainstream news articles or alternative health gurus, there’s always a new supplement being espoused as a cure-all. Dietary supplements are so popular that 77% of U.S. adults consume them. It’s safe to say that we are obsessed with taking them.

What’s surprising is that the overall evidence on supplement use is mixed.

What’s worse is that trial after trial has found certain supplements to be harmful – the supplement industry doesn’t want you to know that, though.

In a study of 30,899 participants, dietary supplement use was not associated with any mortality benefits.

Instead, it was the nutrient intake from whole foods that was associated with reduced mortality. Excess use of certain supplements was even associated with increased all-cause mortality.

One notable review cautions against supplementing multivitamins, minerals, and even vitamins A, C, D and E due to numerous studies finding no benefit and in...

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