Saturated Vs Unsaturated Fat For Cooking

richard laursen May 16, 2020

Saturated fats have largely been demonized in the media and scientific community. Often they’re mentioned in studies as being linked to various disease risk factors. One big caveat of many of these studies is that they don’t control the ‘saturated fat’ directly.

I’m not saying that unsaturated fats are unhealthy, I’m just saying that saturated fats aren’t necessarily unhealthy and there’s a good argument for why we should eat more saturated fat and less of the unsaturated fat which is present in the vegetable oils most people cook with. 

Isn't Saturated Fat Unhealthy?

Many studies looking at saturated fat with often correlate saturated fat with increased biomarkers for disease risk. There’s plenty out there suggesting we should be reducing our intake of saturated fat. And perhaps we should, if it’s coming from fast food which has been deep fried in vegetable oil.

However, what many of these studies lack is proper...

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Why The Sapien Framework Makes Sense

richard laursen May 05, 2020

There are lots of different ideas and philosophies about how humans should be eating. Many of these ideas evolve so that they become restrictive diets, but the problem with diets is exactly that. They are restricting.

The approach taken at is rather than following a set diet, we should follow a set framework to achieve optimal health and use that as guidance rather than using a diet and sticking to it religiously.

Within the Sapien Framework you can be keto, carnivore, paleo, or even vegetarian. It's all about being flexible. You can have a piece of cheesecake, you can have the occasional indulgence, but the idea is as long as you generally adhere to the Sapien Framework when trying to figure out what foods to eat, you will be achieving great results from your diet.

Instead of being a diet of any sort, the Sapien Framework encourages eating more whole, natural, nutrient-dense foods with an emphasis on animal products. However, that doesn't mean you can't be vegetarian and...

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6 Nutritious Foods To Stock Up On During Lockdown

richard laursen Apr 03, 2020

Hopefully, the supermarkets are a bit less crowded if you’re reading this at some point during the lockdown which is being imposed in many countries around the world due to the coronavirus. If so, and you’re wondering what nutritious foods you should be stocking up on when you get the chance to go shopping, have a look down below and see what foods I recommend for continuing to give your body some good nutrition when your usual fresh meat and vegetables might not be available.


6 Nutritious Foods To Stock Up On During Lockdown


Frozen And Canned Foods – Lockdown Allies

Some people make an active effort to avoid tinned or canned foods because they’ve been processed so that the contents can be preserved for a prolonged period of time. They’re often thought to be less nutritious. The contents of the food in the tin or can is sealed and heated in order to kill off any bacteria and prevent the food from spoiling so it’s quite safe to eat...

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Why We Should Be Eating More Meat, Not Less

As a species, humans have been eating meat, cheese, butter and eggs for all of human history so how is it we came to believe that these foods are bad for us? One thing is for certain. We wouldn't have eaten these foods if they were bad for us.
Is it possible we've got everything backwards with food and nutrition and we're headed in the wrong direction? Most likely with our increasing rates of illness and obesity along with declining health.
Here at Sapien, we believe that for optimal health we should be including more animal foods in the diet, not less. Animal rights' activists in the last 50 years have taken over the conversation and skewed the data and have convinced our culture into assuming meat is bad for us and the planet without ever investigating whether this is scientific fact.
Meat is not bad for us or the environment.
3.5 million years of meat eating made us human an continue to make us healthy today. Let's begin by going through a six step...
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