10 Best Plant Foods to Add to A Carnivore Diet

nose to tail Dec 04, 2020

Carnivore is all the rage lately and for pretty good reason. It helps people rapidly lose weight and/or heal from a variety of chronic diseases and ailments. You can read through a plethora of personal stories on MeatHeals.com (see stories by category from the list in the right column).

What is happening here? To people following mainstream nutrition advice, it’s the exact opposite of what they’ve heard. The message has been to eat less meat (especially red meat) and fat for decades. Yet these people are feeling better than ever eating ONLY these things.

I did my own carnivore experiment a few times over the years and didn’t see any benefits overeating a Sapien Diet. My version of Sapien is about 90% of calories coming from animal foods. I eat most of the 10 plant foods listed below (except for squash) as side dishes. They all don’t provide many calories other than avocado (because of all the fat), so I’m getting the bulk of my nutrition...

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The Great Fiber Con

nose to tail Nov 26, 2020

Fiber Fiction

Conventional wisdom has it that dietary fiber is essential and beneficial for our health. Whole foods like fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, so it must be healthy, right?

Well, it’s not that simple.

Here’s an idea that flips the script; fiber is a proxy for eating less processed food. When people replace refined foods with whole foods, they almost always see improvements in their health. Naturally, they’ll be eating more fiber since fruits and vegetables are higher in fiber than processed foods. But we can’t necessarily attribute these improvements in health outcomes to the increase in fiber consumption.

Let’s look into this further with another somewhat controversial statement; there’s nothing inherently healthy or nutritious about fiber. Think about it for a second. Why would the equivalent of eating toilet paper be something healthy for humans? Fiber is a non-nutritive substance we can’t digest.

So why do we think...

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