Red Meat

meat Mar 15, 2020

A True "Superfood" with a Bad Rap

Is there any food more villainized than red meat? If you believed every article on the internet demonizing the consumption of red meat, you would think that eating one steak per day would cause you to suffer obesity, diabetes, numerous cancers, heart disease, and destroy your kidneys simultaneously. Not only that, you’d also believe meat is the cause of global warming! If you take all of this at face value, you’d think nothing is more toxic to our health, to our bodies, or to the environment than red meat. Luckily for those who love a good steak, this is all based on faulty correlations, bad science, and an anti-meat agenda led by animal rights activists.

Religion, and more specifically The Seventh Day Adventist, was one of the original influences behind the demonization of meat. It was believed that eating the flesh of animals resulted in impure thoughts, violence, and as ridiculous as it sounds, made you more prone to...

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Why We Should Be Eating More Meat, Not Less

As a species, humans have been eating meat, cheese, butter and eggs for all of human history so how is it we came to believe that these foods are bad for us? One thing is for certain. We wouldn't have eaten these foods if they were bad for us.
Is it possible we've got everything backwards with food and nutrition and we're headed in the wrong direction? Most likely with our increasing rates of illness and obesity along with declining health.
Here at Sapien, we believe that for optimal health we should be including more animal foods in the diet, not less. Animal rights' activists in the last 50 years have taken over the conversation and skewed the data and have convinced our culture into assuming meat is bad for us and the planet without ever investigating whether this is scientific fact.
Meat is not bad for us or the environment.
3.5 million years of meat eating made us human an continue to make us healthy today. Let's begin by going through a six step...
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