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SAPIEN is a health technology & media company

Our health principles are based on human evolution, ancestral traditions, and modern science. Our mission is to provide information and services to promote healthy living. We help people thrive in our modern environment - which isn't always easy. We're trying to fight against the modern norms that lead to chronic disease, weight gain, and poor health. Through education and tools we are helping people to eat better, live better, and thrive instead of just survive.

the team


CEO & Head of Content

Brian studied Mechanical Engineering at UCLA and also has a background in film, technology, and design. He is the creator of the Food Lies film, hosts the Peak Human podcast, and is co-developing the SAPIEN health program. More info

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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Gary is an internal medicine specialist who trained at Indiana University and founded Evolve Healthcare. His focus is on metabolism, nutrition, and preventative care and is co-developing the SAPIEN Health Program. 


Head of Operations & Production

Yaniv studied Media Arts at the University of Arizona and co-founded Attack Media with Kevin Pereira. He is producing the Food Lies film and handles all business & operations at SAPIEN.


Head Writer

Kristi is a scientific writer who received her B.Sc. from the University of Guelph. She focuses her research on metabolic therapies and the impact of diet and lifestyle on health and disease.


Even before our technology is ready, we're accepting patients in our Los Angeles clinic and virtually with consultation calls. Please contact us here to book a call with Brian Sanders or Dr. Gary.

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If you have other inquires please contact us through the form below or email us at hi@sapien.org

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our partners

Evolve Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary medical center in Woodland Hills, CA focusing on Primary Care, Integrative Medicine, and Alternative Therapies. Dr. Shlifer has teamed up with SAPIEN to create a physician-led nutrition program that teach patients to use food as medicine with the help of health coaches and technology. Find out more at EvolveHealthcare.com

Attack Media is a turn-key production studio founded by Yaniv Fituci & Kevin Pereira. They have produced thousands of hours of broadcast television, live-events and digital specials, our team of writers, producers, designers, and editors can create all manners of awesome, from conception to execution. They work with Disney, NBC, Sony, Nintendo, MTV, Amazon, and more. Check them out at Attack.Media