I'm asked for recommendations a lot so I've grouped them all in one place


I'm not a fan of supplements, but in certain cases, it might just be easier and cleaner to get some things outside of fresh foods. Magnesium, for example, is barely in our food supply anymore due to many factors including our depleted soil, processing techniques, and transporting vegetables. This study shows that "The average mineral content of calcium, magnesium, and iron in cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and spinach has dropped 80-90% between 1914 and 2018"

1 kg of this potassium will last you years. It's salty so you can use it straight on your food or mix it with your regular salt or use it instead.

In my opinion, this is the best salt around. It has more minerals, it's not polluted by plastics, etc. from the ocean, and it's mined right here in the US in Utah.

Magnesium might be the mineral that most people are deficient in. This is tasteless and can be added to any liquid.

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Beef Liver

Liver is nature's multivitamin and orders of magnitude better than anything you can buy in a supplement store. All the vitamins, minerals, and protein are in their most bioavailable form. If you can't find it from a local farmer, we offer it on

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Oysters are another of the most nutrient-packed things you can eat. THere's all kinds of vitamins & minerals people normally don't get enough of like manganese, iron, B12, copper, zinc, selenium. I buy this brand fresh on ice in a jar from a Japanese market in LA.

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Cod Liver

Cod liver has long been known as a true superfood. It has a ton of bioavailable Vitamin A as well as Omega-3s. It's pretty hard to find so we offer it as an add-on at

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Wild Caught Sardines

Wild caught sardines are fantastic. They have the tiny bones left in providing calcium & magnesium, while also providing a ton of other nutrients like Omega-3s, B12, phosphorous, vitamin D, etc. If you can't find it from a local store, we offer it on

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Primal Ground Beef

For those who are new to organ meats or aren't huge fans of the taste, this is a perfect product for you. We start with grass finished, sustainably raised ground beef and add in liver, kidney, heart, and spleen. It tastes delicious and is a nutrient powerhouse. We off this one-of-a-kind product on

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Bone Broth

Drinking bone broth isn't just some fad. We've been eating the marrow of bones for all of human and pre-human history! There's tons of collagen and good fat in there. You can make this yourself, buy it pre-made from us, or even buy grass fed bones from us and then make your own!


I'm a huge fan of cooking at home and try to eat out as little as possible. One day I'll do a recipe page - it's really easy to cook delicious and nutritious meals with a few ingredients and a small amount of time. Here's some of the products I order from Amazon and use regularly.

This is the most affordable and high quality sous vide machine I've found. I've been using it for a couple years and it has worked great and makes the best medium-rare steaks you've ever had (well, any sous vide product will do this). It's so easy to throw it in an hour or 2 in advance, then sear it up and literally be eating 3 minutes later.

If you're going to sous vide, you definitely don't want to use plastic bags, even if they're BPA free. These thick, durable, reusable bags are perfect. Friendly to the environment and your body. You can wash them out in the sink or in the dishwasher.

Other than the steak, this is all you need! Sous vide steak with a generous coating of truffle salt. My God. Next level stuff here, and this stuff is affordable! It has a little less truffle to salt ratio than more expensive brands, but I'm not afraid of salt, so I end up getting a lot of the truffle anyway.


I've read so many books on health, nutrition, and the environment I've lost track of all of them. Here's my shortlist of recommendations. If you're new to these subjects you can start at the top and work your way down. Once you've read them all let's talk! Just send me an email :)

Primal Blueprint is pretty much the bible of living an awesome life and a great starting point for anyone. Can't say enough about this book and how it's changed my life. For many people I know it also was their first read and eye-opening entry into this space. Listen to my podcast with Mark here.

Nina Teicholz spent almost 10 years researching and writing this book. A true masterpiece exploring where and why we went wrong with our nutrition advice and view of saturated fat, red meat, butter, and eggs. This will fill in all the pieces for you.

Another gamechanger here. This sin't the easiest book to get through, and maybe you'll come back to this one a bit later in your journey. Either way, it will cement this ancestral way of eating and living into stone. This truly is a life-changing book. 

A must-read for anyone that thinks a vegetarian diet is good for your health, good for the environment, or superior ethically. 20 year vegan Lierre Keith debunks all of these  things with grace and compassion. Listen to my podcast with her here.

This is a great starting point for people to understand where humans came from and how we evolved. It doesn't talk about food and diet much, but it does lay a good foundation for "mismatch diseases" meaning all our modern diseases are attributed to our ancient genes conflicting with our modern environment.

Gary Taubes is an icon in the nutrition space and has contributed a lot including his groundbreaking article in the NY Times "What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?This book explains the issue with carbohydrates, sugar, and hormones that make you gain weight. Listen to my podcast with him here.

Really loved this book and I'm very aligned with the principles Dr. Cate lays out. The gene expression is a huge topic that's not being talked about enough.

This is a classic book that gives a foundation of knowledge to the science behind why low carbohydrate diets work and the multitude of benefits. Listen to my podcast with Dr. Jeff Volek here.

I love looking at things from all sides. This book makes a case for the brain being at the center of overeating and weight gain. Listen to my podcast with Stephan Guyenet, PhD here.

Everyone should know who Robb Wolf is and this is another one of his great contributions to the ancestral health space.

Another great one from Gary Taubes. It's hard to not agree that sugar is one of the biggest causes of our world's health problems. 

Really enjoyed this one. It tells a tale of the changing food in America from nutrient dense, delicious chickens to nutrient-poor, engineered foods with fake flavors stuffed in that trick our body.

Denise Minger is a wonderful writer and takes us through a fascinating tale of how we got our insane dietary guidelines. A lot of other great info as well! Listen to my podcast with Denise here.

This is a very important book on how to fix a lot of our problems as a world - just go back to mixed farms with plants and animals living in harmony. It's almost too simple.

Dr. Jason Fung has contributed a lot to the health space with his great work on the cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes reversal, and fasting. Check it out!

This book covers all sides of the arguments you've never heard of from animal activists or the mainstream media - red meat is actually good for you and the environment.

Dr. Perlmutter has done a great job of pulling in all the reasons very few people should be eating grains. Just because you don't have Celiac disease, doesn't mean they aren't harming you and your brain.

This is a landmark book based on decades of research by Dr. Dale Bredesen. It gives hope to those who want to prevent it or even put it in decline if they already suffer from this scary disease. Start with a great Peak Human interview here.

Sleep is insanely important! It's crazy that people have pride in how little they sleep (and how much they work). After reading this book you'll prioritize your 8 hours Every. Single. Night.

Amy Berger has pulled in a vast array of research on Alzheimer's and put it into an engaging book that anyone can understand. Listen to my interview with her here.

High fat, low carb diets are awesome. You don't always need to be in ketosis, but it's great get fat adapted. This is a beautiful book that lays out all the info you need to start a healthy ketogenic diet and know the science behind it. Find the Peak Human interview here.

Another great one on getting fat adapted and from the powerful Mark Sisson. This is a great one to compliment The Primal Blueprint and send you down a path towards the ultimate goal - metabolic flexibility.

This is a classic that laid the foundation for higher fat, lower carb diets that embrace the all-powerful protein! The book holds up with a lot of very relevant info. Check it out!

This is a cool one. Cian Foley uses a lot of common sense and ancestral insight to lay out a great way to understand why we get fat in the modern era and what to do about it.

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Food Lies

The sordid history of our dietary guidelines, what we should be eating, and how to do it sustainably

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Peak Human Podcast

PEAK HUMAN is an ad-free audio series with leading experts on nutrition.

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Nose to Tail

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