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SAPIEN Podcast Ep4 - In Sara's Kitch w/ Sara Motamedi

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Today we’re here with myself, Brian Sanders from the Food Lies film and Peak Human podcast, Yaniv who’s a film and TV producer and a co-founder of SAPIEN, and Dr. Gary Shlifer, the owner of Evolve Healthcare. We are speaking with the wonderful Sara Motamedi.

Sara is a Wife & Mother, Celebrity Chef, Recipe Developer, Baker, Food Blogger, Hell’s Kitchen Contestant & Winner Sara Motamedi is fun, creative, and has a larger-than-life personality that is matched only by her amazing skill in the kitchen…making mouth-watering, gourmet style recipes that fit every taste and every budget. Learn more about Sara @insaraskitchen, insidesaraskitchen.com, and In Sara’s Kitchen on YouTube.

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