SAPIEN Podcast Ep 1 - What is SAPIEN w/ Kristi Storoschuk

sapien podcast Sep 20, 2019

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Alright everyone, welcome to our new show! I’m Brian Sanders and we’re shooting this live on video from Evolve Healthcare AKA Sapien Medical Headquarters AKA Dr. Gary’s medical clinic in Los Angeles. Please also check out the video version of this in the Food Lies youtube channel. If you’ve arrived here from the Peak Human podcast you’ll know of Dr. Gary Shlifer from the recent episode number 48. He was a smash hit and I got tons of great feedback from listeners. Luckily I already have been recording this new show with him as a co-host.

We’re here today with myself, Dr. Gary, and Kristi Storoschuk who’s also a member of the Sapien team. You may know Kristi from the Food Lies Instagram or Shawn Baker’s Human Performance Outliers podcast. She’s our main writer and helper in all things and she also works with Dr. Dom D’Agostino.

If you didn’t catch the episode with Dr....

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