Dominating Type 1 Diabetes with Andrew Berger

sapien podcast Feb 18, 2021


This episode covers the success story of one of Dr Gary’s patients, Andrew Berger, who has used a Sapien diet & lifestyle to manage his type 1 diabetes. Andrew is an inspiration for all of us – not just those with type 1 diabetes. He shows us how we can persevere despite setbacks in our health, even with a broken healthcare system.

Andrew was told he would be sick for the rest of his life, but through his own research and the help of Dr. Gary, he has transformed his health. Follow his journey on Instagram & Twitter @Type1Berger and feel free to reach out to him at [email protected]

What you’ll get in this episode:

  • Andrew’s health journey
  • A low carb and intermittent fasting strategy
  • The doctor-patient relationship
  • The broken health care system
  • Short, intense, and consistent exercise
  • Addictive foods and carbohydrates
  • Type 1 diabetes is widely misunderstood
  • Bloodwork and a dynamic approach
  • The LDL and cholesterol debate

Here are some resources and great people we mentioned:

Great article from Marty Kendal on type 1 diabetes 

Dr. Ted Naiman

Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Robert Cywes 

Andrew Koutnik

Dr. Brian Lenzkes

If you are already living the Sapien Lifestyle, Join the Tribe.

If you need help losing weight and improving your help, check out the Sapien Program.

 Dr. Gary Shlifer owns and operates Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills, CA.

Brian Sanders is the maker of the Food Lies film and founder of Nose to Tail.

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